Maintenance & Operations Management

BiBR Consulting ApS can help find the best maintenance strategy for the company's assets through analysis of maintenance history (typical breakdowns) and systematic mapping of the equipment and its criticality

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With many years of experience from the offshore industry, including 15+ years related to maintenance/operations senior roles both onshore and offshore, advice is offered within Operation, Maintenance and Reliability Management, including people management.

Experience with operations' readiness plan, building operational organization, training requirements for operational staff, operational and maintenance procedures, equipment databases, technical documentation, change management, all with a high focus on safety.

For maintenance, there is usually never a one-size-fits-all solution, therefore a maintenance strategy always depends on the equipment and the background for the errors as well as the consequences of a breakdown. Different types of equipment require different types of maintenance, which can be anything from run-to-failure, preventive maintenance to condition monitoring, under the maintenance regime, it is also necessary to define the criticality of the specific equipment.

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Maintenance & Operations Management