Trading conditions

We strive to create the best possible settings for the customer to be safe and secure, and safety is always a priority in our work. Our approach to an assignment is with integrity and respect, where we listen carefully to the customer's needs and requirements. 

Before an assignment begins, an agreement must be made, order confirmation containing information about the scope of the assignment, delivery date and finances.

BiBR Consulting ApS cannot be held responsible in the following circumstances.

BiBR Consulting ApS cannot be held responsible either in whole or in part for not fulfilling agreements, if this is due to events over which BiBR Consulting ApS has no influence.

BiBR Consulting ApS is not liable for loss or damage, unless it can be documented that the loss or damage occurred due to error or negligence committed by BiBR Consulting ApS in connection with the performance of a requested task.

BiBR Consulting ApS is not liable for loss of operation, loss of time, loss of profit or similar indirect loss.

BiBR Consulting's liability for damages can amount to a maximum of the order sum.

BiBR Consulting ApS solves tasks and comes up with opinions and instructions based on the knowledge BiBR Consulting ApS possesses. BiBR Consulting ApS does not assume responsibility for damages unless it can be proven that this knowledge or technique was deficient at the time of the task's solution.

BiBR Consulting ApS disclaims liability for errors in connection with statements where it is stated that these are based on a discretionary assessment.

BiBR Consulting ApS has no liability for damage caused if the damage is due to a property of a product or use of a product that has either not been tested or examined and described in the test or investigation report of a product property or of a possible product use.

In the case of tasks carried out on secondment, where the employee is not subject to BiBR Consulting's instructions and project management, BiBR Consulting ApS cannot be held responsible for the solution of the task

BiBR Consulting ApS' employees have, when carrying out their tasks of any kind, not been influenced by any form of commercial, financial or other form of pressure.​

When entering into a contract for a task, BiBR Consulting ApS is responsible for ensuring that all information obtained in connection with the task is kept confidential.

Employees employed by BiBR Consulting ApS are, during and after their employment, covered by a duty of confidentiality regarding BiBR Consulting's customers, suppliers, staff, finances and other matters relating to BiBR Consulting ApS. The duty of confidentiality includes matters that the staff becomes aware of as a result of the assignment.

If someone other than the requester raises a claim for compensation against BiBR Consulting ApS, which is based on conditions that lie beyond the responsibility for compensation that BiBR Consulting ApS has assumed in accordance with the above, the requester is obliged to take over the conduct of the case and keep BiBR Consulting ApS indemnified for all costs, including legal costs and any compensation amount.

The payment term for completed tasks is no later than 8 calendar days after the date of the invoice.